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Madame and Her Niece (1969) - Italian 2F - Best Edwige Fenech Art

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$ 175.00

Released in 1969 in West Germany under the title Madame und ihre Nichte, Madame and Her Niece is an early (and tame) example of German Sexploitation.  Starring cult film icon Edwige Fenech as Yvette, a fashion model, who falls for a handsome man and plans a scheme to get him to propose to her.

This is the original Italian 2F poster for the film's 1970 release in Italy under the title Mia nipote la vergine.  It features not only the best advertising art for this film's release in any country, but also is one of the best artistic renderings we've come across for Edwige on any poster.  Featuring her in a sexy see-through nightie, on a fur blanket with her male co-star looking all starry eyed at her.  No Edwige collection would be complete without this!

Printed: Italy, 1970

Approximate Dimensions: 39" x 55"

Condition: Good / Very Good - the image portion of the poster is in excellent shape, most of the issues are limited to the borders.  Being a theater used poster there are multiple pin holes in the corners and some remnants of the tape in the left and right borders.  About seven small holes / rips along the edges of the borders.

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