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Manowar – Battle Hymns (?)

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$ 19.99

Manowar's debut studio album, Battle Hymns, is a heavy metal masterpiece released in 1982 by Liberty Records. Its powerful sound and raw energy are sure to impress any metal fan, making it a must-have addition to any collection.

This is a reissue, 1985 or later.

Style: Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Cassette: VG+ (some light scuffing on tape.)

J-Card: EX

Misc: small piece missing on case bottom right, couple small cracks on spine, significant scuffing on case.

Label: Liberty – 4LT 51125

Country: US


A1 Manowar 3:25
A2 Dark Avenger (Narrator  Orson Welles)
A3 William's Tale 2:04
A4 Battle Hymn 6:52
B1 Death Tone 4:38
B2 Metal Daze 4:17
B3 Fast Taker 3:55
B4 Shell Shock 4:00


Cassette tapes are much more difficult to grade compared to vinyl records, visual condition of the tape usually can't tell you much as to the audio quality.   We've done our best to spot test each cassette and use the dB scale (decibel) to try and conservatively grade them.   Please note with cassettes, the type of machine you're playing them on can greatly affect the type of audio quality you receive.   Which is why we recommend you have a dedicated tape player that allows for multiple equalization settings and/or a receiver that allows you to adjust treble level.   We've found boosting the treble greatly improves the sound quality of tapes that register lower on the dB scale.   Having this equipment will greatly improve your tape playing experience and allow you to receive the best quality audio you can for the age and condition of the tape. 

Mint - The tape is sealed

EX - Visually the tape looks very clean, may have light normal wear from case and deck use.  Audio quality is loud and quite clear. J-Card condition is like new, with only possibly very light general wear.

VG+ - Visually the tape looks used but not abused.  Audio quality will be lower but still very listenable and clear.   If you have a good deck and receiver you'll likely be able to make adjustments to compensate for the difference.   J-Card may have a few light issues, again used but not abused.

VG - Visually may have fading of lettering, plastic yellowing, a lot of scuffing.  Audio quality will be noticeably lower and may even seem muffled at times.   If you have a good deck and receiver you'll likely be able to make adjustments to compensate for the difference enough to bring it up to a more VG+ audio quality, so still listenable, you just need to have the equipment to achieve it. J-Card will have more pronounced wear, dirt, small nicks, tears, water marks..etc.

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