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Marie Of The Isles (1959) - French Grande - Belinda Lee Busty Barmaid

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Released in France in 1959 as Marie des IslesMarie of the Isles was an romantic adventure film starring the very lovely English blonde actress Belinda Lee, whose career would tragically be cut short two years later in a horrific car crash at the age of 25.  The film follows Lee's character Marie as she goes from a poor daughter of a bartender to the wife of wealthy Commissioner and the adventures she experiences on her journey.

This is the original large format (or Grande) poster for the film's release in France and is one of the best artistic portrayals of Belinda Lee, easily one of the best movie posters of her short lived film career.

Printed: France, 1959

Approximate Dimensions: 46" x 62"

Condition: Excellent - poster appears to have never been displayed, a small printing defect at the top middle where a thin white line can be seen.  This is a small crease that formed when the poster was being printed and so a thin line in missing ink.  There are also a couple small cross fold holes simply from the poster age and being folded for over 60 years!

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