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Marisa Mell Collection of Seven Intimate Photos with Boyfriend Pier Luigi Torri

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$ 99.99

This collection contains seven photographs of Marisa Mell (of Danger Diabolik fame) and boyfriend Pier Luigi Torri.  Five of the photos appear to be from the same photo shoot which features intimate shots of them.  One is a solo picture of Torri, and the other is a photo of Torri and Mell at the Cannes Film Festival (a larger print of one of the images offered in our Cannes Film Festival lot).

Pier Luigi Torri is an interesting character himself, he produced several Italian films from the time period of 1964 - 1971, even producing one of Marisa Mell's films (Devil's Ransom) in 1970.  But had multiple ties to the Italian mob and had to flee Italy in 1971 due to a notorious cocaine scandal.  Marisa Mell recounted her relationship with Torri in her autobiography as violent and unpleasant, yet supposedly they were together for a period of almost five years.

These images have no photographers stamp on the back, and are on slightly stiffer paper.  It is likely these are period copies, meaning they were copies taken from the original and used either for promotion or personal distribution to Marisa's friends and family at the time the photos were originally developed.  They are definitely not modern day copies.

It is our estimation that these photographs date back somewhere within the period of 1967-1971 as this is the recorded time period of their relationship.

Dimenson: 9 1/4 x 7 7/8"

Photographer / Developer: Unknown

Condition: Good - Very Good : some light corner wear, light scuffs (only noticeable under bright light). Photo #2 has some minor edge scraping along the bottom right side, Photo #6 has two diagonal creases at the bottom left (see close up photo).

For more information on the origin of these photographs please see the main Marisa Mell Photograph Collection page.

All pictures in the listing are original scans of the photos for sale. These photographs are original to the time period they were taken and not modern day reprints.  Please note your purchase is for the photographs alone there are no transferable rights regarding the use of the photographs. 

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