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Marisa Mell Rare Childhood All Girls School Class Photograph (1983 Copy)

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$ 450.00

Rare never before widely seen class photograph of Marisa Mell with her school classmates circa early 1950's.  Marisa is located on the front row, first from the left.  A document we have in our possession suggests this is likely a private secondary school for girls in her hometown of Graz, Austria.  Present day it's still the location of a Catholic church and an all girls private school loosely translated "Institute Of The School Sisters To Graz".

Note this is not an original photograph, there is a date printed on the back of December 8, 1983.  This appears to be a photograph of the original that was then professionally developed.

While not original to the date of the photo this is still an incredibly rare photograph as up to this point no known images of Marisa Mell this young have ever been published let alone been available for sale, and at over three decades odd this is quite possibly the oldest existing version.   

Date: 1983

Approximate Dimensions: 8" x 5 1/4"

Condition: Excellent

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