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One On Top Of The Other (1969) - Spanish 1-Sheet - Italian Giallo with Marisa Mell

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$ 250.00

Originally released in Italy in 1969 under the title Una sull'altra, released in the USA in 1973 under the title One on Top of the Other (or Perversion Story).  A popular Italian giallo thriller starring Marisa Mell (Danger Diabolik) who is murdered by her husband Jean Sorel (Belle de Jour) for the insurance money, but is she really dead?  Elsa Martinelli (Hatari!, The 10th Victim) co-stars as Sorel's mistress.

This is the original movie poster for the film's release in Spain under the title Una historia perversa, also released in 1969.  Featuring an image of Sorel and Martinelli at opposite corners with Marisa Mell in her blonde wig under the guise of her alternate identity Monica Weston.

Printed: Spain, 1969

Approximate Dimensions: 27 1/2" x 39 1/2"

Condition: Excellent - poster is in great condition, with a little minor foxing on the top edge, a very small tear on the bottom and the poster was originally folded a little off so the fold lines are slightly diagonal.  Please review all photos as well as our full sized image linked below to get the best idea of this posters condition.

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