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Samurai Bride: Complete Collection (2013) 2 x Blu-ray

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Things aren't going so well for Muneakira Yagyu, the dojo owner stuck with the ability to invoke Samurai powers with a kiss.  Just dealing with the harem of Samurai maidens he accumulated in HYAKKA RYORAN: SAMURAI GIRLS would be more female trouble than most men could handle, but they HAD just defeated the minions of evil, so was it too much to ask for a little break?  Apparently it was, as the Dark Samurai are back, and that may be the LEAST of the new problems complicating Yagyu's life.

Things like the fact that his dojo's been converted into a Maid Cafe!  Or the sobering discovery that it's not JUST girls who become Samurai when Yagyu kisses them!  But the biggest game changer is learning that there's something even more powerful than a Master Samurai: a Samurai Bride!  And as the name implies, it takes more than a simple kiss to make one of those!  Will Yagyu be up to the task?  Will he rise to the occasion?  The future of Japan is at stake, and to save it one Samurai Girl will have to be escalated into... a SAMURAI BRIDE!

Includes all 12 episodes of Season 2.


Catalog #: SFB-SMB200

Released: 2014

Length: 300 min

Rating: TV-MA

    Blu-ray - EX

    Cover - EX