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The Sinister Dr. Orloff (1984) Blu-ray, Limited Edition, SEALED

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With The Awful Dr Orlof (1962), director Jess Franco spawned the Spanish horror boom. 20 yrs later, he crafted this chilling sequel: The Sinister Dr. Orloff. The original doctor (Vernon) and his son (Mayans) clash in Alicante. Alfred cruises for women, taking them to his apt. where he drugs them. Blind Andros carries them to Orloff's lab, where he wants to transfer the prisoners' consciousness into his comatose mom. When Vernon finds out his son enjoys murderous games, he plots to stop Orloff. But tragedy strikes when Inspector Tanner's wife is the next victim.

This limited red case edition includes a full color booklet with new essay on the film by Francesco Cesari and Roberto Curti.  Limited to 1,500 numbered copies.


Catalog #: MDO281

Released: 2023

Length: 87 min

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint