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Wolf Magazine Issue One (2013)

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$ 85.00

Wolf Magazine was a very limited, short lived fashion photography magazine.  The magazine only released three issues (0-2) yet was one of the highest quality "magazines" in it's industry published, beating the popular Treats! magazine with each issue printed on 11″x11″ oversize format on gloss gallery heavyweight stock end to end.

Containing some great photographers (Gabriel Everett, Nicolas Guerin, Pino Leone, Steven Lyon, Hong Jang Hyun, Debranne Treu, Matt Baron, Tyler Kandel, J&D, Marc Baptiste, Steven Bigler, Steven Sebring) and models in the industry, Wolf Magazine may have seen a limited run, but it's a highly sought after three issues with new copies commanding an over $350 amount that would be a fantastic edition to anyone's fashion or photography collection.

Country - USA

Total Pages - 272

Condition -  Cover is very good with some general scuffing on the glossy cover, a little wear at the top of the spine right above the WOLF name, a 1/2" crease on the spine and a couple small light creases on the bottom right corner on the front and back.  Inner pages are in excellent condition.

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