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Woman and Temptation (1970's) - Argentinean 1-Sheet - Sexy Image Of Isabel Sarli

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$ 225.00

Released in 1966 in Argentina under the title La tentación desnuda, Woman and Temptation was a film about a girl (Isabel Sarli) who falls off a yacht and finds herself lost in the jungle where she is discovered by the natives who are thoroughly entranced by her beauty.  

This is a very rare country of origin poster for a 1970's re-release of the film, and features the strikingly beautiful Isabel Sarli covering herself in the jungle.  Sarli was the equivalent to cult film version of Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe in Argentina.  This would be an amazing addition to any fans collection.  

Printed: Argentina, 1970's

Approximate Dimensions: 29" x 43"

Condition: Good / Very Good - quite a few splits along the some of the fold lines that we've repaired with acid free archival repair tape on the back.  Some light staining on the edge of the left hand border, and some small holes forming in the middle at a few of the cross fold sections.

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