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Barbara Bouchet / Marilyn Monroe (1972) - Sexy Japanese Double Sided Commercial Poster

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$ 65.00

Behold the rarest of rarities: a 1972 double-sided commercial poster from Japan starring two bewitching beauties: Barbara Bouchet and Marilyn Monroe! On one side, sultry Barbara is scantily clad in a lean against a mirror, her arms modestly covering her bare chest. Flip the poster and you'll be struck by the bombshell that is Marilyn Monroe — topless, of course — in her last film role! An absolute must-have for any Barbara Bouchet fan.

Printed: Japan, 1972

Approximate Dimensions: 33" x 20 3/4"

Condition: Very Good / Excellent - on the Barbara Bouchet side there is some discoloration along the second from the right horizontal fold line and the two vertical fold lines that run along side it.  This is likely a printing defect, as overall poster appears to be in amazing physical condition and does not show any indication that it has ever been displayed.

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