Brexit Announcement For Potential Customers In The UK December 14, 2020 15:36

We've been made aware that as of January 1st 2021, US based sellers will be required to register to collect UK VAT in order to ship into the UK. Unfortunately as a small time operation with a main customer base in the US this is added effort and expense that we cannot take on.  So as of January 2021, we will no longer offer shipping to the UK.  If laws regarding this change and small US based sellers are not forced to comply with this, then we will resume shipping to the UK.

Until that time if you wish to purchase from us and are based in the UK our suggestion is having a US based friend or relative make the purchase for you so that they may send the item to you as a gift, or have the item sent to a US based forwarding company who is willing to deal with your country's new tax laws.  Keep in mind in this situation we bear no responsibility for what occurs to the package after being delivered to the US address you choose to send it to, and that address must match the address of your Paypal payment.