Month In Review: January 2017 September 1, 2018 15:31

January 1952 Calendar Pin-up

First off happy new year to all!  As we begin our excursion into 2017 we thought it would be beneficial to keep you up to date with any new changes or additions we've made to the website in the past month and make a monthly routine of posting a recap in our News section.  

Whether you're new to our site or it's been a while since you've checked us out, we've got a lot going and a lot planned and we want to make sure to keep our customers informed so that they can get the most out of our website.


We have two entertainment blogs going, our Barbara Bouchet Film Series where we featured a review of the film Stoney, and our Cult Film blog where we featured a review of the cult classic Italian giallo film Una sull'altra starring Marisa Mell.  It is our goal to post more often in both of these blogs, at least weekly, so keep an eye out for more great entries!


We've added Budget LaserDisc groupings in our LaserDisc collection.  These are all titles priced under $10 most of them are in fantastic condition, and much like our Budget Vinyl section we will frequently be adding to it.


Quite frequently we re-list copies of the vinyl records that we either have multiple copies of or acquire another copy.  Instead of creating a new listing we simply update the old listing to account for any changes in condition, price and new photos.  This keeps the site from getting too clogged with multiple listings of the same album.  When doing this the re-stocked items get lost in the shuffle and some customers may not notice an item they may have wanted is now available again.  So we've created a new collection that contains only Sold Out items, that you can access easily from the front-page.  You can now browse through all our sold out items and sign up for email notifications when any of these items are put back in stock.  It's a good way for our customers to stay informed about items that are available again and it helps us see what everyone is interested in and encourage us to restock some titles faster than we may normally.  We will give this a trial run for a few months, if we see people are making use of it we will keep it going.


That's all for right now.  If you have any comments, or suggestions we are more than willing to listen and consider them.  Feel free to comment below or drop us an email.


Voluptuous Vinyl Staff