Miso – Miso All Access (2017) 1st Single Album August 14, 2019 08:00

Miso - Miso All Access front cover
Label: Hbrothers Entertainment ‎– none
Country: South Korea
Year: 2017
Genre: K-Pop
Formats: CD (promo), MP3


Miso All Access is the debut solo single from former GIRLS GIRLS member Kim Miso.  Often compared to K-Pop goddess Hyuna, Miso has more of a pure hip hop sound than Hyuna who often straddled the line between pop and hip hop.

Miso KKPP black and pigtails

The Album (Single): 4.5 / 5 

The single 낄끼빠빠 (KKPP) translated into English is Giggling, is a solid debut song with a very strong hip hop vibe to it.  What's great about Miso is not only can she rap but she also has a very good singing voice which is showcased in a few spots near the end of the song.  The track itself is very upbeat and catchy, with some male and female chants added for extra effect giving it the vibe of something that would fit in well at a sporting event halftime show to rile up the crowd.

Miso KKPP orange beanie

The Packaging: 3 / 5 

For a promotion only physical release the packaging is pretty nice, coming in a hardcover media book style double flap case with a high quality 26 page photo book attached inside featuring five different photo shoots of her in outfits from the video.  The promotion release didn't appear to come with any other extras like photocards.

Miso KKPP knotted hair green jacket

Overall: 3.75 / 5

If you're a Miso fan, or just a fan of Korean rap this release is worth adding to your collection, why people are sleeping on Miso is a mystery to me, this girl should have a series of albums out by now.  Keep in mind this was a ditigal only single and physcial copies were only handed out in very limited quanties to radio stations, and considering this was originally released back in 2017 most of those copies have likely already been auctioned off.  But if Miso ever finally gets a full or mini album release I could definitely see the demand for these to go up, so find one while you can! 

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