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Occasionally misidentified as Barbara Bouchet in random online photos, Christa Linder was born on December 3, 1943 in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany.  She made the semi-finals of the 1962 Miss Universe pageant as a representative of Austria.  Two years later she'd begin her acting career in the West German drama Verdammt zur Sünde  (Condemned To Sin) also known as The Fortress.  She was discovered by the director while swimming in a hotel pool in Munich, he liked what he saw and after a series of test shots she began her new career as an actress!

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In 1966 Christa got her big break into Italian cinema with a role in the film Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill, the first in the Kommissar X (a popular euro-spy) series, which starred Tony Kendall and Maria Perschy.  She'd also return to play a new character in the 1967 sequel Kommissar X - Drei grüne Hunde.  

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In 1968 she visited Mexico for a film festival in Acapulco, representing Germany for the film The Fortress.  She was offered multiple acting roles, and over the span of the rest of her career would film a total of nine movies in Mexico.  Following her visit she started a relationship with a well-known Mexican bachelor and ended up settling down in Mexico City for a few years, acting in most of those nine films from 1968 to 1972, and doing various modeling work.  

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In 1969 Christa starred alongside Boris Karloff in his final film, Alien Terror, an American science fiction B-movie filmed in Mexico.  She described Karloff as being on his last leg during filming, having to use an oxygen tank between shots due to the altitude of Mexico City, and how the crew was frequently afraid he'd die in between shots.  He would pass away shortly after filming once back home in London.

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In 1973 she began working in Italy once again.  In 1976 she starred in her first and only adult film titled For Men Only, alongside Harry Reems.  Having a few more small roles in films, her career slowed down by 1978.  1980's Mírame con ojos pornográficos (another Mexican film) would be her last feature film role, which also co-starred one of our favorite actresses, Helga Liné.

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With a total of 48 film and TV credits, Christa had a decent career, bouncing around from country to country, but never seemingly hitting it big enough to establish herself in very many leading roles.  Following her acting career she settled down in Los Angeles and Malibu working in the fitness industry doing physical therapy, then eventually moved back to Germany to care for her parents. 

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While most of Christa's acting roles may have fallen by the wayside, to her own surprise she's still managed to retain a fan base through her catalog of modeling work and the dozens of magazines she's graced the covers of in the 60's and 70's.

Classic Covers:

Christa Linder Cine Girl Magazine CoverChrista Linder Eva '67 Magazine CoverChrista Linder Fiesta Magazine CoverChrista Linder Girl Illustrated Magazine CoverChrista Linder Hayat Magazine CoverChrista Linder Hayat Magazine CoverChrista Linder Health & Efficiency Magazine CoverChrista Linder International Neu Magazine CoverChrista Linder King Magazine CoverChrista Linder Love Magazine CoverChrista Linder Nue Illustrated Magazine CoverChrista Linder Neue Revue Magazine CoverChrista Linder Skorpio Magazine CoverChrista Linder Spick Magazine Cover

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