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International & Cult Film Reviews

Raquel Welch Furkini

Tired of the stale, CGI infused, constantly rebooted Hollywood drivel? Tired of overpaid actors and actresses complaining about their multi-million dollar salaries? Tired of films constantly pushing a onesided policital and/or social agenda? Welcome to the world of cult cinema, where the budgets were lower than the craft services cost on a film today, where the actors actually worked hard and got paid very little, and where the stories were actually somewhat original. We were Hollywood blockbuster lemmings too once, then we discovered a whole new world of cinema and we haven't looked back since! Join us in cutting the Hollywood cord, and enjoy a world of film that's pre PC and SJW infected. Welcome to our International & Cult Film blog, here we will feature our thoughts on a wide variety of films with a focus on those from the 1950's-1980's from all around the world.

Check out our Actress Spotlight series, which will be a mini series within this blog that will highlight and maybe introduce you to many of the actresses of European cult films. If you're a Barbara Bouchet fan, we have an entire separate blog series dedicated just to her, you can check that out HERE! This blog is just kicking off so check back often and have your eyes opened to a whole new world!

La riffa [The Raffle] (1991) Widowed Wares For Sale October 8, 2021 08:00

The Raffle is surprisingly entertaining.  Most reviews write it off as odd or unfunny, but I think they failed to understand this film is not meant to be your typical Italian comedy (which I've seen my fair share of and typically am not a fan) this is much more of a "dramedy" or dark comedy, somewhere between Ostinato destino, which Bellucci would star in following this film, and the much more dramatic Vita coi figli.


Ostinato destino (1992) - The Husband Trap November 6, 2019 09:00

Ostinato destino (Wayward Destiny) is reminiscent of an adult version of The Parent Trap, starring Monica Bellucci in a dual role of good and evil twin sisters Marina and Angela who attempt to pull a temporary switcheroo leading to wild hijinks and unanticipated romance.


Briganti – Amore e libertà [Bandits - Love & Freedom] (1993) - Bath Time With Monica May 25, 2018 08:00

The age old story of disputed love between the wealthy and the poor.  How do you improve upon a plot that's been recycled since almost the beginning of time?  Well, Monica Bellucci in a corset or giving herself a sponge bath is a start.  


Vita coi figli [Life With Children] (1990) - The Birth of Monica Bellucci: Actress April 2, 2018 00:03

Monica Bellucci is breathtaking, and it's interesting to see that her first on screen role essentially was the basis for the proactive roles she'd be known for taking on most of her career.  From day one she decided to follow the motto "if you've got it, flaunt it".