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Raquel Welch Furkini

Tired of the stale, CGI infused, constantly rebooted Hollywood drivel? Tired of overpaid actors and actresses complaining about their multi-million dollar salaries? Welcome to the world of international cult films, where the budgets were lower than the craft services cost on a film today, where the actors actually worked hard and got paid very little, and where the stories were actually somewhat original. We were Hollywood blockbuster lemmings too once, then we discovered a whole new world of cinema and we haven't looked back since! So welcome to our International & Cult Film blog, here we will feature our thoughts on a wide variety of films with a focus on those from the 1950's-1980's produced and filmed in Europe.

Check out our Actress Spotlight series, which will be a mini series within this blog that will highlight and maybe introduce you to many of the actresses of European cult films. If you're a Barbara Bouchet fan, we have an entire separate blog series dedicated just to her, you can check that out HERE! This blog is just kicking off so check back often and have your eyes opened to a whole new world!

Transformations (1988) - A Bad Case Of Space Herpes February 17, 2019 14:11

Transformations is a really bad soap opera masquerading as a cheesy science fiction horror film whose only silver lining is it's sandwiched between Italian model Pamela Prati's breasts and a minuscule amount of action at the end.


Starcrash (1978) - The Best Star Wars Knock-Off Film Ever January 18, 2019 08:00

The shining light of the film is lead actress Caroline Munro, whose supermodel physique and skimpy, skin tight costumes only help make Starcrash that much more enjoyable.